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Global warming

"Global Warming

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Hannele Tervola

5. toukokuuta 2008 klo 16.41

Dear Sir,

I do not know why it is difficult to counteract global warming, so I
go through some typical excuses for not doing anything and try to
prove that it would be more advantageous to grasp the chance of curing
the situation now.

1) Economical competition
A) What happens if we react but others don't? Well, all will end up in
trouble, the bigger the less action there has been taken to prevent
the biggest problems: hurriganes, floods, years whose weather is not
good for food production, changed climate without a change in the
flora and fauna causes difficulties in food production etc., refuges
etc. So we ought to react and by international meetings arrange that
all are oblidged to take part: if they cause great damage to others,
they ought to pay the costs of it. If they are not able to react
because they are too poor, the rich have to bear the main burden of
helping them to do that. If they receive help while being moral, that
is ok, but if they try to be parasites, the moral responsible
holistically thinking helpers ought to get a share in the companies
that are helped, so as to keep moral in power. So there are two
questions here: answering to the climate change and keeping moral in
power at least as much as this far.
B) Some may think that since there is a competition between the
different nations and groups of nations, causing lots of harm to them,
even at the cost of harm to your own nation, would maybe be beneficial
to your own nation, but those must think again and think thoroughly
the following thought: Suppose that the "wisest" in your nations would
choose this strategy of harming others, then especially your own
countrymen and the ones surely allying with you would trust that
choise to be an intelligent one and they would copy it to their own
lives, causing so enermous amounts of damage to each other inside your
own country - without any damage to the supposed enemy countries. So
you would end up loosing a lot in the competition instead of gaining.

2) The citizens not understanding that it is their own task to react
A) It is the job of the politicians to take care of the big matters
like this, so why bother? In a democracy it is You, the citizen, who
have to act! Otherwise the representatives cannot take this huge
threath into account since they would lose in the next elections if
they did. It is You who have to change Your behaviour, Your voting
habits and the way that You use energy that comes either from the
fossil sources (fossil oil etc.) that cause this huge catastrophe of
global warming or from the renewable sources that cause no danger at
all. Since without the people themselves helping it is impossible to
do things in a democracy - however superintelligent the elected rulers
ever are... So talk with others about this scary threath to us all,
write to your representatives about the need to act against this
enermous danger, vote against the global warming, and change Your
habits in what comes to the use of energy! And if You think that
rationality demands that huge threats like this are prevented, check
that Your own representative acts rationally enough in this question -
you can persuade Him or Her by writing to Them about the subject so
that They can show that They really represent the voice of Their
voters in this question too.
B) The big companies decide things for us, there is nothing that we
can do... Do not think that private citizens cannot affect big
companies: True, they often cannot well command them but they can
change their habits in what they buy and from whom, that is what the
big companies have to take into account, that is what the usefulness
and value of the companies is based on, so that is why You can affect
things just by changing your own habits (LAZINESS IS YOUR REAL ENEMY
IN THIS!) and by talking with others in a way that emphasises the
positive ways that they can use to correct the situation. Do not
attach yourself emotionally to the disaster or to the so called good
things that cause it. Use a realistical picture of the world and
attach yourself to the really important good things in it: a good
future, the nature, the children, etc.

3) Reacting emotionally so strongly that one pushes the danger out of
one's mind and is left with no reaction at all.
Do not attach yourself emotionally to the disaster, attach yourself
emotionally to the beautiful lovable things that you want to protect!
And ACT in practise to protect them with ALL your ability. Only that
can save us! So love the nature, that will make it possible for you to
protect it. And love your children, so that you will find it easy to
change your habits in order to protect their future. Do not think that
economy is a separate thing from the rest of the world: if we do not
pay the costs now, we will be forced to pay enermously much more
because of the catastrophes later. When You learn how to change Your
habits, Your environment will learn from the example that You set to
them how to change their habits!

4) One does not know how to prevent the global warming.
See the advice on that on the web pages of the Green Movement. Grasp
the chance of reacting to the climate change NOW, and of saving our
future so. Count on renewable energy, like sun power, wind power,
water power and burning just wood or vegetable oil grown on fields!
Avoid using fossil fuels: do not use your car when you do not
necessarily need to and keep warm clothes instead of keeping your home
overly warm. Ask for your representatives to act politically against
the global warming! - Or vote for the Greens who have it especially on
their agenda. For life, while having a holistic view of the world.

I hope to see a clearer future for us all!

Yours Sincerely, Hannele Tervola, Finland, European Union

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