keskiviikko 17. toukokuuta 2017

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123. One does not always know why problems arise, what is the real cause for them. One just notices that certain things in focus in life or in arrangements in the group bring certain ways of doing, certain values, company etc, a certain amount of well working action and good healthy life. People grow like that: they have interests, they become hobbies, areas of skill and expertise, later a part of their wisdom of life as older persons. Likewise some things get dropped away or we grow away from them. That ought to work for systems and types of arragements too: some just work well, feel good, bring promising future while others drag along unwanted problems, from which one can get rid of by paying attention to what direction you are growing into, which are the arrangements that you hang to in daily life, whose company is benefical, how wise persons you associate with in each area of life, etc."

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